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Solid Rock World Missions and IFCM
Researchers for the U.S. Center for World Mission have identified as many as 10,000 cultural groups which could be considered unreached, and most of these are located in the 10/40 paralell window. The area that was once considered the nucleous of Christianity is now one of the spiritually poorest and darkest places on earth.

At Solid Rock we believe strongly in World Missions and in Jesus' last words admonishing us to, "make disciples of all nations." When you step into our sanctuary, you will immedialy recognize that we're a local church with an international flavor. We support mission outreach programs in Israel, Pakistan, Dominican Republic, Panama, Sierra Leone and Haiti just to name a few.

"Go ye and make disciples of all Nations ..."
We have partnered with established ministers, missionaries and pastors in remote and impoverished regions of the world to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ through meeting people's needs spiritually and naturally.
Jesus said "Go..." and that's what we're doing! Through mission trips, conferences and hands on experience, Pastors Larry and Sandy have a desire to put each member of Solid Rock in touch with a vision larger than, "themselves."

Because of their heart for the nations, Pastor Larry and Sandy founded International Fellowship of Christian Ministries, Inc. in 1997. IFCM is a world mission organization of churches, ministers, schools, orphanages and Bible Colleges. IFCM currently has oversight of approximately 6,000 churches world wide. (VISIT IFCM NOW)